CommsMasters is the brainchild of Heather Campbell, a change leader, an entrepreneur and a woman who was totally frustrated by the waste of talent, energy and ideas in business.

About CommsMasters

Here’s her story.

I was frustrated because every day I observed that the cause of this waste of talent, energy and ideas was obvious and could be resolved.

What was the problem? Poor conversations and inadequate communication at every level in every organisation.

Pointless meetings, energy-draining conflicts, unspoken resentments and petty politics, to name a few.

Fired-up and focussed on doing something about it, I set up CommsMasters in June 2003.

Finding a repeatable, reliable solution

Over the last 13 years (how did they go by so fast?) I have made it my mission to develop conversation and communication strategies and tools that busy leaders and business professionals can implement easily and sustain long-term, so that they can eliminate this unnecessary waste.

In my quest, I have observed and analysed thousands of conversations and interviewed thousands of managers to understand what really makes for great communication and what gets in the way.

Here’s Heather talking about one of the things that gets in the way of great workplace communication – fear.

From all of this observation, analysis and interviewing, I have developed repeatable, reliable solutions that guarantee first-rate communication, whether this is in one-to-one conversations such as the annual performance review, or one-to-many presentations such as speaking at the global company conference.

These solutions work – and are being applied today in many different cultures around the globe.

The CommsMasters team

As the business has grown, I have been joined by a team of full-time and associate consultants – all experts in the field of communication and human interaction, and all of whom share my passion to create higher-performing organisations and more productive, fulfilled people through harnessing the power of communication.

The CommsMasters team will make sure you get results faster and with less hassle by providing training and consultancy in our unique strategies and methodologies.

You will create more confident and engaging leaders at every level and transform your business culture.

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