Please note: all case studies are anonymised to protect client confidentially. We are more than happy to put you in touch directly with any of these clients so that you can learn about us “straight from the horse’s mouth”!

Building a Team That Delivers

Tensions within a major investment team had resulted in issues not being discussed openly, with an overall lack of effective communication and collaboration between team members. Our client, the GM, wanted to build a high-performing team with clear focus and direction, whilst directly addressing and improving interteam relationships as part of the process… read more

Great Communication Makes For Great Customer Service

With customer satisfaction scores unacceptably low, our client asked us to provide a communication programme that would prepare their team to handle customer calls with an advanced level of customer service expertise, the ability to adapt to different cultures and the communication skills to explain calmly and competently how to resolve complex issues… read more

Developing People Skills

A successful business leader wanted to work directly on his existing communication style and behaviours, focusing on his interactions with his team and his approach to building relationships with peers and stakeholders. He was looking to challenge his own assumptions and beliefs about the behaviours which had been so effective in his success to date, exploring how these would need to change as he moved higher in the organisation… read more

Getting People Engaged In Change

Our client needed to establish clarity across the organisation on the complex issue of its approach to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The team urgently needed to raise the priority around IPR, ensuring that all managers were clear on the overall approach, and targeting specific groups of employees who needed to change their approach to safeguarding intellectual property… read more

Successfully Merging Teams

Our client wished to make a step change in its sales through the strategic acquisition of a specialist call centre organisation. Although the sales capability was high within the acquired operation, this was not supported by a genuine focus on customer service and morale amongst the staff was low. Our client understood that they needed to connect with staff quickly, dealing with concerns up-front and addressing issues head-on… read more

Communicating Across Cultures

Changes across one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies have seen a reduction in levels of overall resource, with a requirement to manage complex international projects and coordinate work across cultures. With a large number of individuals spread across 16 countries this has presented an ever-increasing challenge for our client, and has driven a critical need to get people thinking about working more effectively across their cultures… read more

Handling Difficult Conversations & Influencing Others

The manager of the Complaints Management Team wished to reduce the stress levels in his team. Stress was high because individuals were having to handle difficult conversations on a day-to-day basis without the tools to deal with them. The Team Manager decided that a critical step in resolving the growing problem was to address both the Team’s willingness to handle tough conversations and their skill in doing so… read more

Facilitating Effective Performance Conversations

VisitScotland was introducing a new talent management framework across its employee population. The framework required all managers to give feedback to individual team members about how their potential was perceived. This feedback could be taken as negative by some of the individuals receiving it. Therefore managers needed to increase their skills in handling challenging and sensitive conversations… read more

The Master Communicator Programme

The senior manager wished to more effectively lead a large not-for-profit organisation, one that had gone through a significant change process from a collective to a hierarchical structure. Because of this change, and the nature of the organisation, communication – both formally and informally – needed to become more ‘mindful’, so that rational decisions were made while recognising the emotions of the workforce and the impact of these emotions on the manager herself… read more

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