CommsMasters truly challenge organisations to see what they cannot see, achieve what they feel they cannot, and build on what they thought wasn’t there.”

– Craig Darroch, Learning & Development Manager @ BG Group (now Shell)

“In all the years I have worked with training providers, CommsMasters are unique in their ability of getting to know our business, our people and our culture and adapting training programmes and coaching to suit our needs – they really ‘get it’.”

– Karen Slingo, HR Manager @ BTG Group

CommsMasters stand out for their expertise which is so much more than just regurgitating standard theory and models. I would recommend them highly.”

– Sue Warman, HR Director @ Vodafone

CommsMasters did a good job of understanding the wider context, as well as the end-game we were after… the design of the solution was appropriate and it was delivered well by the CommsMasters team.”

– Puneet Sachdev, Learning & OD Manager @ VisitScotland

“I have worked with CommsMasters over several years. I’ve always found their facilitators and coaches to be thought-provoking, mentally stimulating and beneficial to my personal development and to our business. I have also attended several workshops and have taken away some great learnings from each one I’ve attended.”

– Dr. Derek Boyd, CEO @ NMI

“The delegates have praised the training with many of them stating ‘it’s the best training they’ve ever had’. They thought the roleplayers were superb and were amazed how quickly they turned into people they know from the shop floor. They really felt that the roleplay, analysis and feedback added a huge amount to how much they learned.”

– Teaming Leader @ GE Caledonian

“I went to a meeting the following day from our training with CommsMasters and experienced instant results. I used the techniques learned throughout and was awarded with two projects worth approx £250,000. I’m sure this was a direct result of the training.”

– Senior Project Manager @ UK utilities provider

“I find the group sessions very educational, enhanced through having a broad spectrum of delegates. The combination of one-to-one coaching, interspersed with group sessions and professional roleplay sets the course above many others I have seen.”

– Nico O’Rourke, Head of Renewables @ ESB

“The results were immediate and visible. The team are now motivated, enthusiastically implementing the tips and techniques they have been taught and are making a difference to our perceived and actual customer service levels.”

– Sarah Clegg, former MD @ Jones Yarrell Leadenhall

“I very much enjoyed and appreciated the discussion at the [CommsMasters event] earlier today. I don’t attend many of the external events, seminars etc. as I feel they can be somewhat sterile and don’t reflect the reality I think we and many organisations face. Today was a very refreshing change and I really appreciated everyone’s openness and honesty.”

– Jim McHugh, Group HR Director @ Exova Group

“Thanks again for the work you did for us, it was exactly what I had hoped for and more… I have already seen a marked improvement in emails and conversations as a direct result of your training.”

– Team Manager @ UK utilities provider

“The CommsMasters team have acted as a catalyst to challenge and stimulate our thinking. With their support we have increased our conversion rates by 15%.”

 – Head of Operations @ UK financial services provider

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