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Heather Campbell, Managing Director, CommsMasters

CommsMasters has been working with senior leaders in technical organisations on the “people” side of their jobs for over 25 years. We’re successful in technical sectors because our approach is practical, data-driven and brings measurable results.

We work with the C-Suite and senior leaders in organisations with anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 employees. Our clients are global and we must be, too. We log some serious miles, figuratively more often than literally in keeping with our sustainable business policy. We work as much virtually as we do face-to-face and in person. Time zones, languages and cultures can be different; we cater to this to ensure all our clients, regardless of geography, get the full benefit of our services.


Our consultancy service explores how changing communication can progress “big stuff” like culture change or resolve apparently intransigent barriers to improved organisational performance.

Team Development

We help build high performance and resolve unhealthy conflict across new and established leadership teams through interactive workshops, facilitated role-play and group coaching.

Organisation-wide Development Programmes

We can help you upskill your whole leadership population in particular areas such as better performance conversations or confidence in handling difficult messages through a range of bespoke interventions.

1:1 Coaching

We coach individual leaders in dealing with specific people-related challenges, or building confidence and personal impact as they prepare for and move into Executive positions.

Free Resource for Senior Leaders

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