The Goal

The GM overseeing a sizeable investment programme needed to build a high-performing team capable of dealing with major challenges ahead. Tensions in the existing team had resulted in issues not being discussed openly, with an overall lack of effective communication and collaboration between team members. Our client wanted to create a clear team focus and direction, whilst directly addressing and improving interteam relationships as part of the process.

The Solution

We worked with our client and his team over a period of 12 months, reviewing how they were communicating with one another, identifying unresolved conflicts and addressing these head-on. We agreed on which methods of interaction would help the team build its performance and kept their focus on new ways of communicating and dealing with conflict. The programme consisted of four one-day sessions with the team, spread out over the year, with follow-up coaching for individual team members between sessions.

The Results

In partnering with our client around his most compelling business goals we were able to build a flexible process which quickly addressed difficult issues within the existing team, whilst creating the clarity and momentum to help them work together to meet their challenges. Over the period we worked with the team, they not only met but exceeded their targets. The GM found the process to be so effective that he carried it forward with him to his next team.

The Client’s View

“CommsMasters’ approach is different because it’s flexible and gets to a deeper level by addressing the real issues quickly… They helped us to create a clear destination statement and a team agreement that people felt committed to.”
“CommsMasters actually got into the complexities of what was stopping us from being a high-performing team, rather than it just being a course on communication. They allowed us to see that there were tensions within the team and helped us to talk openly about how we address these tensions.”
“We smashed our targets year-on-year. The outcome was very successful.”