The Goal

A successful business leader with a track record of delivering solid results year-on-year, our client wanted to work directly on his existing communication style and behaviours, focusing on his interactions with his team and his approach to building relationships with peers and stakeholders. Specifically, he was looking to challenge his own assumptions and beliefs about the behaviours which had been so effective in his success to date, exploring how these would need to change as he moved higher in the organisation.

The Solution

We worked directly with our client in focused one-to-one sessions over a period of eight months. The sessions, which were held every four-to-six weeks, involved a mixture of coaching and feedback around interpersonal skills. In each session we focused on specific areas to help him build a deeper understanding of his own style and how to adapt it over time. This included areas such as emotional intelligence and the psychology of behaviour, blended with focused practical actions undertaken between sessions to help the client apply his learning and see the impact straight away.

The Results

Our client has seen a considerable shift in his leadership style, adapting his previous approach with his team and building stronger relationships with colleagues across the business. Alongside this he has maintained his momentum and track record for the delivery of results, and is committed to developing his skills further. Since completion of the coaching, he has undertaken a feedback exercise which shows good progress on the areas he identified as key outcomes for his coaching work.

The Client’s View

“Since the coaching, I’ve undertaken 360-degree feedback as part of an annual process which measures effectiveness in areas such as communicating, listening, collaborating with colleagues and the softer aspects of leadership like being inspirational. I would normally score very high on delivery and much lower in these areas but the results I have received have been positive. This last year there has been a significant change… I’ve even been commended as a ‘good listener’.”