The Goal

Our client, a public sector body with the responsibility for the protection and improvement of the environment, needed to establish clarity across the organisation on the complex issue of its approach to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The team urgently needed to raise the priority around IPR, ensuring that all managers were clear on the overall approach and targeting specific groups of employees who needed to change their approach to safeguarding intellectual property whilst ensuring reasonable access to critical information.

The Solution

We worked with the client to design a compelling communications programme that simplified the complex issue of IPR and demonstrated the potential benefits to the leadership population. This message was disseminated to all employees across the organisation through a range of channels.

The audience was then segmented and those groups where greatest impact could be achieved were identified, and a focused set of powerful communications was designed and delivered along with identification of the key messages that had to stick.

The Results

In key targeted groups within the organisation, IPR has become strikingly front-of-mind. Managers now include it in all the work they produce in dealings with external customers and stakeholders, and are able to clearly exert their own terms and conditions.

Prior to the programme, only 15% of contracts produced contained the necessary clauses to support IPR and this has now increased to 100%. Earnings from Intellectual Property have increased fourfold since the programme’s inception and reinvestment of this income will drive significant benefit in improving the quality and range of information available to the public and private sectors, as well as to the general public.

The Client’s View

“CommsMasters helped us to identify the groups where we could have the highest impact and helped us to target each group with the right message. More importantly, they helped us to stand back and think through what Intellectual Property meant from others’ perspectives. They brought a structured approach with excellent feedback throughout the whole process so we could see the good messages, and focus on them to drive the effort forward.”