The Goal

Our client wished to make a step change in its sales through the strategic acquisition of a specialist call centre organisation. Although the sales capability was high within the acquired operation, this was not supported by a genuine focus on customer service and morale amongst the staff was low.

To realise the full benefits of their acquisition quickly, our client understood that they needed to begin by connecting with staff quickly, dealing with concerns up-front and addressing issues head-on.

The Solution

We focused on working with our client to rapidly engage staff in the new call centre operation. This involved first spending research time with them to gain a detailed understanding of their culture and aspirations.

Based on this we designed a series of targeted ‘welcome workshops’ where call centre staff were able to meet individuals from our client’s organisation, learn more about their customer ethos and understand the full business rationale for the acquisition.

Four weeks after joining, the newly acquired staff were involved in a series of change workshops which combined focused work on building customer service skills with engagement sessions to build morale and address concerns.

The Results

Working to build rapid alignment with the newly acquired call centre operation was highly effective in ensuring that all staff transferring joined with a positive view of the change.

Helping them to build a good understanding of the new culture and ethos of customer service excellence, combined with focused up-skilling in key customer service skills, ensured that the new operation was able to add value in the shortest possible time.

Following the programme, conversion rates on products rose significantly – from just below 10% to around 25%.

The Client’s View

“This approach has worked well — the vast majority, if not all, of the staff that transferred over are now very well established. The CommsMasters team have acted as a catalyst to challenge and stimulate our thinking. With their support, alongside the efforts of others, we have increased our conversion rates significantly.”