The Goal

The senior manager wished to more effectively lead a large not-for-profit organisation, one that had gone through a significant change process from a collective to a hierarchical structure. In light of the organisation’s purpose, it was imperative that she maintained its overall ethos of highly collaborative working while implementing this new structure, along with strategy, business objectives, and policies and processes.

Specifically this meant that communication, both formally and informally, needed to become more ‘mindful’, so that rational decisions were made while recognising the emotions of the workforce and the impact of these emotions on the manager herself.

The Solution

The manager decided to join CommsMasters’ flagship open programme, The Master Communicator Programme (MCP). This began with 360-degree feedback from her colleagues, while the core programme combined four two-day workshops with a series of one-to-one coaching sessions, over a period of eight months. The workshops included a high level of advanced skills development through practice sessions with professional roleplayers.

She then continued on to complete the associated post-graduate Certificate in Management in Practice (Leadership Communication) with Edinburgh Napier University. This consisted of two written assignments, based around application of the learning in her work, and one final presentation summarising her learning and achievements.

The Results

Over time, as the leader’s awareness grew of what effective communication involves, and as she utilised techniques that helped her recognise and manage her anxieties and habitual ways of behaving, she built confidence in her interpersonal skills. This gave her the ability to face difficult conversations and engage more effectively in team and Board discussions.

Continued positive results have reinforced the benefits, both personally and professionally, that the manager has gained from the programme; she says that the MCP “is not a course that is undertaken and then forgotten, but one which changes you fundamentally.”

The Client’s View

“I can’t emphasise enough the difference this course has made to my communication with my management team, board of directors and workforce. By understanding why I reacted as I did to what I considered to be challenging people and situations, I learned how to change both my thought and behavioural processes. I now enjoy the stimulation of discussions which require me to practice the techniques I have learned, and I’ve developed instinctive reflectivity in my communications.”