A major oil & gas subsidiary, our client’s network had expanded rapidly delivering its products to over 100 countries.


The Divisional Vice President had been with the business since inception, helping it to achieve a position of industry dominance. Leading a high performing team in the Asia-Pacific region is a hugely demanding role, but the company’s culture is progressive. It believes passionately in the importance of investing in human capital to ensure staff develop and achieve their full potential; and understands that, at a senior level, improving leadership can provide a difference-making competitive edge.


The Vice President was selected to take part in an intensive 12-month CommsMasters programme along with CEOs and other senior leaders from across the global parent company businesses. The initial session was designed to help leaders self-reflect and build deep awareness of their leadership style.


“Acknowledging shortcomings can be challenging, but hugely insightful,” said the Vice President. “By better understanding both my own and the team’s perceptions of my strengths and areas of development, I identified ways to improve as a leader.”


After completing this initial segment, the Vice President attended weekly online coaching sessions and was proactively supported by virtual one-to-one discussions with CommsMasters consultants. This new found self-awareness has yielded a number of important outcomes.