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Moving towards your vision is exciting, but the reality of implementing the changes required to achieve it can bring even the most inspired leader down-to-earth with a bump. That's where CommsMasters proven

Strategic Change Pathway comes into play.  

It's based on the science of how and why people change, is underpinned with the data and facts that measure real progress, and ensures the consistent, focussed action that brings results. 

“Performance has increased across my division resulting in profits being 13% higher in just one year and the CommsMasters programme has been a significant factor in this.”  
Divisional Vice President, APAC, Oil & Gas

Most commonly, our clients want to achieve one or more of the following:

What overall goal do you need to achieve?

Strategic Change Pathway

Our proven methodology for change has brought success for clients in utilities, oil and gas, technology, infrastructure, construction, food manufacturing, distilling, telecoms and related sectors. Its aim is simple: Establish Clarity on what needs to change, set the direction for doing this, ensure the correct people are taking Accountability, and only then will you see Results. But how we get there is more complex - detailed below in our three key stages.

1. The 3D Readiness Review

Establish goals, cohesion and direction at C-Suite and Senior Leadership levels. 

Making sure all of this is water-tight right at the start is critical. Minor differences here become major headaches down the line, manifesting as wasted effort, confusion, and lacklustre engagement.

Outcome: The leaders who are ultimately accountable for delivering the change are crystal-clear and aligned on what the change is, why it is needed, and what it must deliver.  They have identified the divisions or teams who will be critical to getting initial momentum. 

2. The Strategic Momentum Map

Leverage power and influence of key leaders across the organisation who will deliver the change.

Following a clear and precise system establishes an effective road map and ensures leaders who are confident to take accountability for their part in implementing the change.

Outcome: A strategy for delivering the overall change and a detailed action plan for the next three months are in place, establishing clear accountability for results.

3. The Practical Result System

Action, progress and results visible across the organisation.

As change gets underway, a tightly managed process, honest and open dialogue, and clarity about progress and results are all essential to keep things on track.

Outcome: A managed process in place that delivers results within a clearly defined period. 

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