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When you choose to work with CommsMasters, you'll be tapping into a wealth of experience from our knowledgeable and super-savvy team. Headed up by renowned leadership coach and communication guru Heather Campbell, the team brings together communication experts, consultants and programme designers with experience across a broad range of industry sectors.

They've got some impressive letters after their names, and more years' experience working with large, global organisations than we'd care to mention. What truly unites the CommsMasters team is their passion for helping leaders realise their true potential by developing and then demonstrating exceptional communication skills.

Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell Managing Director

Heather founded CommsMasters in 2003. She did so because she felt a need to put into practice her vision that stems from leading major change across a number of blue-chip organisations combined with her research into the psychology of leadership communication.

Her style is far from academic, however, realising that real-world shopfloor-based learning is far more effective than classroom-based academic theory. Heather delights in getting her hands dirty and immersing herself and her team in the ‘oil-under-the-fingernails’ issues that her clients face. It’s this, coupled with her unique, pragmatic and proven methodologies that make CommsMasters’ approach so compelling and enjoyable.

Heather specialises in helping leaders to build the self-awareness that enables authentic leadership and emotionally intelligent communication.

“Improving our communication skills is simple – the secret is to focus on changing our thoughts rather than our behaviours. Get the thinking right and the right behaviours will automatically follow.”

Dr Cameron Findlater Consultant

Cameron helps clients to maximise their impact through a focus on developing the skills and mindsets required to hold highly effective conversations. The ongoing development of this fundamentally important capability yields more productive outcomes and builds stronger working relationships. He takes a whole-system view of leadership and management, believing that individuals at any level – not only those in the most senior roles – can achieve increased positive influence via more impactful conversations within the relationships that matter most.

This has been a core element of Cameron’s broader work as a consultant for over 12 years with organisations in the private sector (PLCs and mid-sized companies) and public sector, in the UK and internationally. During this time he has successfully designed and delivered a large number and range of customised leadership/management development programmes. In addition, he has worked with leaders on an individual basis as an accredited executive coach.

Cameron’s work is underpinned by early career operational leadership experience gained in blue-chip companies, and by formal qualifications. After taking a PhD in applied biosciences, Cameron enjoyed a successful 14-year career in the pharmaceutical industry with the leading multinational companies Lilly, GlaxoWellcome and AstraZeneca. In addition to his PhD, Cameron holds an MA in Management Learning and Leadership, and a Post-Graduate level Certificate in Executive Coaching.

“The most fundamental enabler of personal and organisational impact is communication. Creating the conditions, competence and confidence for highly effective communication is key.”

Jane Senior Consultant

For Jane, helping to create the conditions where groups and teams feel safe enough to be honest with each other about what is really going on, and are able to communicate this effectively, is vital. She enables teams to build an environment where challenging, real and engaging conversations are part of the day-to-day fabric of their working life so that everyone’s energy is focussed on achieving the results that matter.

“An individual’s ability to communicate authentically is central to sustaining effective working relationships.”

Anne Kelly Consultant

Anne has held several director-level posts within the NHS, leading politically sensitive and publicly-scrutinised change. This experience, plus her incisive and direct style, mean that she is particularly skilful at helping leaders and teams engage in the dialogue that drives up individual and team performance and leads to critical goals being achieved within tight deadlines.

“Managing the loyalties of conflicting groups is central to achieving successful change. In order to keep communication lines open and clear, honest dialogue is essential.”

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