Signature Programme

Get the very best leadership coaching and support to excel as a leader all in a more accessible package

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What's the Signature Programme?

Our Signature Programme makes the most of the virtual world in which so much business takes place today, offering a combination of self-study modules, small group workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions, all online.

This programme tackles the six primary reasons that leaders don't get the results they need, quickly increasing their impact and influence as a member of your senior team.

The Programme is ideal if you are...

  • Preparing to move into a new, bigger role and want to avoid the common barriers that will otherwise trip you up
  • Finding your career has stalled and want to get things back on track
  • Keen to build your influence with senior stakeholders so that your voice gets heard at the top table
  • Feeling stressed or experiencing imposter syndrome and needing to establish more control and certainty again
  • Seeking to refine, update and refresh your leadership skills so that you operate with confidence at a more advanced level of leadership

Some Results You Can Expect

  • Gaining confidence on how to properly 'fill' the role of a senior leader
  • Building clarity and focus about your role, your career and how to move things in the direction you want to go
  • Taking back control and managing your workload effectively so that you don't feel overwhelmed
  • Enjoying the resilience that is needed to deal with both the everyday and unexpected pressures that are an inevitable part of a senior roleResponding effectively to anyone who undermines you - either purposely or by accident - so that their impact doesn't derail your success
  • Feeling happier in your career and life as a whole, knowing that things are going in the right direction for you

What You'll Learn


Module 1: The Fundamentals

The unhelpful beliefs about confidence you can change today so that you see improved results straight away without having to work hard to get there.

Harnessing Confidence

Module 2: Harnessing Confidence

How to easily harness the five proven sources of director-level confidence so that you get maximum it immediately without wasting time and energy implementing false promises or half-baked ideas.

Setting Boundaries

Module 3: Setting Boundaries

How to say no and set boundaries so that you manage burgeoning workloads and stress levels without risking people thinking that you can’t cope.

Blocking Negativity

Module 4: Blocking Negativity

How to manage people who contradict or undermine you so that they can’t get under your skin without having to confront or challenge them directly.

Managing Complexity

Module 5: Building Resilience to Manage the Complexity

How to build resilience and manage the complexity that is an integral part of your role so that you feel excited and positively challenged without feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope ever again.


Module 6: Influencing

How to challenge your boss and other influential stakeholders so that you can break through barriers that are currently holding you back without damaging relationships.

How it Works

  • Preparatory analysis questionnaires so that you get really clear about the goals that you want to achieve from this programme
  • 90-minute online virtual workshops over the course of the 12-week programme so that you have time to apply learning and get immediate results
  • 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions scheduled at a time to suit you to allow you to work in-depth on your biggest challenges
  • Access to our online library so that you can review all content at your own pace and at a time that works for you
  • Just six people per group so that you build a strong network with like-minded leaders so that you learn from one another
  • Regular reviews of progress against your goals so that you ensure you stay on track

Here's a Sneak Peek...

Get a taste of the elements covered in the programme, as well as how they're presented, with this short training montage.

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