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Improve Performance

Handling tough conversations well is fundamental to good performance in every organisation. You know that. Your leaders know that. The people they lead know that. And yet so many business leaders are woefully ineffective at this critical part of their job. It’s causing problems you can’t ignore, and we can help.

Change Culture

Any change in business requires tough conversations. But changing culture takes toughness to new heights, because it demands that people at every level break old habits. And getting people to change habits is hard. We’ll give your people the skills to have the habit-changing conversations that will bring about sustained change.

Build Leadership

One practical step that will substantially build leadership capability in your company? Make sure that your leaders can handle tough conversations. No matter how good your strategy, finances or products and services, if your leaders don’t communicate well, you’ll have significant problems. We can help build the leadership communication skills your people require.

Engage Employees

Ever felt like employee engagement is a mirage? The more you reach out for it, the further away it seems. If you have low employee engagement, it’s likely that your leaders are not communicating well with their people. Perhaps they’re avoiding the ‘good stuff’ – like positive feedback – as well as the tough conversations. We can give them the critical skills to engage effectively.

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