Heather Campbell

How do I introduce myself to you? I mean, with 50+ years on this planet, this could be a long story....

But, hey, you probably aren't interested in the formative details of my youth, so I'll keep this clear, focussed and recent :-).

At the time of writing, I'm 56 years old. I live just outside Glasgow in Scotland. I'm married to cycling-fanatic Mark, and we have two miniature schnauzers – Harris and Finn.

I love long walks with the dogs, enjoy playing the piano and singing, am learning to speak Spanish and am a reluctant exerciser because I want to live a long, healthy life. There's still a lot I want to fit in!!

I've been a coach and consultant since 2003. Before that, I worked in the Financial Services sector, beginning my career as a graduate management trainee with Guardian Royal Exchange. 

I'm a born communicator, which means I was a very talkative child - my nickname was 'Heather the Blether' - and I've invested a lot of time throughout my career researching and learning about this topic since my university days. 

My research has led me to the conclusion that one of the biggest unnecessary costs in businesses around the globe is poor communication. I'm talking about 'stand-up presentations' here, I'm talking about every interaction that takes place between human beings every single day in the workplace. Tiny errors add up to big costs for individuals, teams and organisations. 

I deeply disagree with the idea that communication is an art - it isn't. It's far closer to a science and results are highly predictable, both when you communicate well and when you communicate badly.

My approach is research based, drawing particularly on psychology and neuroscience. My practical, scientific approach works particularly well in technical sectors where leaders want clear evidence of both what to do and why to do it. I deliver measurable results and work only where I know that I can deliver value. 

The sad truth is that most leaders stop learning about how to communicate after they pass middle management levels. This means that, just as they reach the most senior levels when their communication impacts far more people than ever before, they are armed with tools that are suited to running a small team or department. 

The simple fact is, you need advanced tools at senior levels if you are to have the right impact and influence. The key word here is 'right' - at top levels, you can't avoid having impact and influence. Get it wrong, and the results can be dire. 

But I know senior leaders don't need research and complex theories - they need results. That's why I turn my research into simple, practical strategies you can implement quickly and that will fit into your busy working day.  

So that's what I work on with my clients.

In terms of bringing the very latest thinking to my work, I undertake quality CPD every year. I am currently researching for my PhD. My formal qualifications include a first degree in Psychology from Queens' University Belfast, an MBA and a Masters in Management and Leadership from Lancaster Univeristy, and I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. I am also qualified to use a bunch of psychometric assessments such as MBTI and Firo-B.

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Managing Director

UK Construction Sector

"In my view, the development work I’ve done with Heather has led to a more productive and engaged workforce. It has also helped me take advantage of opportunities within my own business for career development which would previously have been out of reach"

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