1:1 Executive Coaching

Pragmatic, science-based coaching frameworks that ensure top leaders working in complex, technical organisations quickly achieve their next breakthrough  

Leaders don't come to me to maintain the status quo

- they are ready for change

Who's it for?

  • You have been in a CEO, MD or Director role for some time and need to deliver some bigger, more challenging results right now
  • You have recently moved into a CEO, MD or Director role and want to 'hit the ground running' 
  • You will be moving into a CEO, MD or Director role in the next six months and want to get ready for this
  • You are already a CEO, MD or Director and are doing okay but you're feeling less motivated, focussed or confident and need to get this back on track
  • You have critical business results that you are struggling to deliver and you need to get things back on track 

Some Results You Can Expect

  • Establishing and implementing a clear plan so that you are confidently meeting  
    expectations and consistently delivering required results  
  • Feeling in control, with greater certainty about the direction to go in and how to get there
  • Taking that next big step in your career - even if you're not sure what it is right now or have been overlooked in the past 

The Frameworks That Get You Results

  • Critical Framework

  • Growth Framework

  • Coaching Bootcamp

  • Re-set Framework

The Critical Framework

This Framework works with two sets of complementary goals – development for the Executive and achievement of critical business results.

This Framework is suitable when there are challenging problems or big opportunities that require change in the leader’s approach and/or change across stakeholders the leader impacts.

The Critical Framework typically runs over a six-month period, with both scheduled and on-demand coaching sessions, plus monthly reviews to ensure that both individual development and business results stay on-track. 

Why Work With Me As

Your Executive Coach?

After 25 years of working with leaders across energy, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries, I understand the unique obstacles technical leaders face. 

My frameworks guarantee no fluff and are designed to deliver quick results and sustained outcomes in complex, demanding environments.

Ready to get your plans in place?