Executive coaching

Ultimately all strategic change depends on leadership at the most senior levels. That's why many of our clients focus their investment on developing their top individuals through our Executive Coaching Frameworks.

We offer four different options to meet the different results Executives need to achieve.

“Heather steered me through choppy waters during a very sensitive time and helped me make some sense of it all - I'm not sure I could have managed it without that support.”

Head of Compliance, Global Role, Manufacturing Sector

Critical Framework

This Framework works with two sets of complementary goals - development for the Executive and achievement of critical business results. This Framework is suitable when there are challenging problems or big opportunities that require change in the leader's approach and/or change across stakeholders the leader impacts.  The Critical Framework typically runs over a six-month period, with both scheduled and on demand coaching sessions, plus monthly reviews to ensure that both individual development and business results stay on-track.

Growth Framework

This Framework focuses on personal growth and learning for the Executive. While results are measured in terms of business as well as personal impact, the emphasis is firmly on the latter. This Framework is suitable when a leader is already in a role and needs to fine-tune some aspect of their leadership style, is currently transitioning to a new role, or as part of longer-term career development for talented senior leaders with aspirations to move into Executive positions. Growth Framework programmes typically last six - twelve months, with programmes consisting of one to two scheduled coaching sessions per month, 360-degree feedback to measure progress, and relevant psychometrics to build self-awareness.  

Coaching Bootcamp

Coaching Bootcamp is the ideal framework when an Executive needs to achieve tough results in the short-term and needs to change their thinking and behaviours fast in order to do so.  Weekly one-hour coaching sessions, with specific actions to take between sessions, ensure things move quickly. The Coaching Bootcamp can stand alone but is often used as a pre-cursor to the Critical Framework, thus ensuring the leader sees results quickly before embedding these in the longer term.

Re-set Framework

This framework gives the senior leader that all-important time and space to stop and think. With coaching sessions typically taking place once a quarter, these conversations allow leaders to sense-check, re-set and plan. The Re-set Framework follows on from either the Critical Framework or the Growth Framework. Leaders benefit from continuing to work with a trusted coach who knows them well and who can continue to support their growth and learning for the longer term. 

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