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“I wanted to build confidence and find my voice in the new senior leadership position, get my head round the new role.

I achieved all of this and more besides. Now I feel on top of the world! Up for a new challenge and ready to go out there and get it!


Global Role - Engineering & Construction

Our Accomplishments...

More than... 1 Years' Experience
Over... 1 Leaders Coached
Worked in... 1 Different Countries


Enable top level leaders in technical sectors to overcome self-limiting beliefs & imposter syndrome so that they achieve the clarity, focus and impact to deliver results and fulfil their potential.

Strategic, scientific frameworks deliver quick results that stick long-term.


Drawing on over 25 years’  experience working with senior leaders across the energy, engineering, manufacturing and construction sectors, I understand the unique problems that highly technical specialists face when they move into top leadership roles. 

I have worked across the globe, coaching individual leaders and senior leadership teams. I ensure they overcome the top six barriers that are unnecessarily limiting the results they achieve personally.

The result? Confident, focussed action; open, honest communication; reduced stress & complexity at all levels. 

What They're Saying...

“It has repaid the investment already. Leaders are taking a much higher level of accountability which means a big weight was lifted off of my shoulders. ‘I have been so delighted with the results"

Managing Director

European Division of Major Global Engineering Firm

"Heather and the team at CommsMasters are different to many coaching/consulting businesses out there. With them, you will get a true partner who is only concerned with getting the very best outcomes.”

Chief People Officer

Global Oil & Gas

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