10 Things You’ll Do This Week that are a Pointless Waste of Time and Energy

By Heather Campbell

Do you have so much time you don’t know what to do with it? Do you feel that you have so much energy to spare you could be mistaken for a Duracell battery?

If you’re the same as most business leaders, chances are your answer to both questions is “NO!”

And yet this week, you’ll waste time and energy doing things that are a pointless waste of time and energy – and, in some cases, downright dangerous too.

This is my top ten list of the things that I see happening most commonly (and, yes, I’m guilty of several of them).

(1) You’ll drive and talk on your mobile

(2) You’ll allow meetings to keep going even when people are ready for a break

(3) You’ll get wound up over something unimportant that you can’t control anyway

(4) You’ll try to solve someone else’s problem even though they haven’t asked for your help

(5) You’ll fail to go for a brisk walk at some point during the day

(6) You’ll put up with a niggle that could easily be fixed

(7) You’ll try to get something perfect when good enough would be good enough

(8) You’ll get fixated on your belief that other people are thinking about that stupid thing you said/mistake you made and they didn’t actually notice in the first place

(9) You’ll try to fit in that extra task and then arrive late – and stressed – for your meeting

(10) You’ll fail to turn off your email notifications even though they distract you every five minutes and half of them are about changes in the canteen that actually don’t affect you anyway

How many of these can you change so that you have more time and energy to focus on the things that really make a difference instead?  What others would you add? Leave us a comment below.

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