Planning a return to the office? Three tips to allay your people’s fears

Heather here! Confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine is growing, according to a global survey.  And as confidence grows, worry about its side effects is declining. This research highlights the all-important inverse relationship between confidence and fear.  The relationship is clear – for

The critical message for leaders in the wake of the roses and romance of Valentine’s Day

 Well, did you have champagne, roses and romantic cards for Valentine’s Day last week? Followed by unexpected thoughtful gestures for Random Acts of Kindness Day? Valentine’s Day isn’t really my thing and I had an interesting experience with Random Acts

Leadership Resolution 4 – What bacteria can teach us about better leadership practice

Following up on my last article so I can share the fourth and final Leadership Resolution before we get too far into 2021. Otherwise, it’s getting a bit late for New Year commitments 😊. Over the last few weeks I’ve shared

Leadership Resolution 3 – Set Clear, Meaningful Expectations and Boundaries

I missed posting this article last week; I was ‘bubbling’ with my niece, helping with her three-year old toddler and four-month-old baby, neither of whom seem to find that sleeping (either day or night) is a requirement. Once again, hats

New Year’s Resolution No. 2 – Step away from the coaching!

It’s almost 30 years since “Coaching for Performance” by Sir John Whitmore catapulted coaching into the leadership psyche. Before that, coaches were found in the sports arena, not the Boardroom. It’s a good book and its impact endures – there’s

New Year’s Resolutions That Will Really Pay Off

I guess we start this year with optimism and yet less certainty than we would normally do.  I know most of my friends are much more likely to say ‘If I can…’ rather than ‘I intend to…’ when it comes

‘Tis The Season to Be Jolly…Maybe

Well, December has arrived. It’s an auspicious month; one that brings Hanukkah and Christmas festivities, one that heralds the end of the calendar year. Here in the UK we’re hunkering down in the depth of winter, while in Australia people

Getting ready for APRs? Some self-assessment questions to ask yourself first

It’s Annual Performance Review time of year again for many organisations. APRs are amongst those conversations that everyone involved should welcome because of the value they bring. Instead, far too often people dread them. In fact, according to a 2019