Planning a return to the office? Three tips to allay your people’s fears

Heather here! Confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine is growing, according to a global survey.  And as confidence grows, worry about its side effects is declining. This research highlights the all-important inverse relationship between confidence and fear.  The relationship is clear – for

‘Tis The Season to Be Jolly…Maybe

Well, December has arrived. It’s an auspicious month; one that brings Hanukkah and Christmas festivities, one that heralds the end of the calendar year. Here in the UK we’re hunkering down in the depth of winter, while in Australia people

Workplace vs home office – how to have a meaningful conversation

Heather here. According to BBC Radio 4 this morning, Next (the multinational clothes and homeware retailer) has reported one of the downsides of home-working as ‘missing the cauldron of creativity’ that happens when people are together. I don’t know if

Why leaders should use these four little words more often

‘How do you know if you’ve got the right strategy?’ asked the MBA student  ‘When you find out whether or not it worked.’ replied the Strategy expert.The group laughed. ‘I’m not joking’ replied the expert. ‘Strategy is about the future, and the