How Good is Leadership Communication in Your Organisation?

By Heather Campbell

By Heather Campbell >>

The quality of leadership communication in organisations is a critical element in building an engaged and high-performing workforce. When communication is good, people feel valued and respected, and trust builds. When it is bad, demotivation and low morale quickly set in.

But leaders in organisations tend to over-estimate just how good communication is; those who report to them often have a radically different view.

As specialists in helping leaders build top-notch communication, CommsMasters have recently launched a free, confidential Leadership Communication Healthcheck. It enables organisations to quickly measure where leadership communication is working well and where it needs to be improved. It gives simple pointers on where to improve day-to-day interactions, increasing people’s effectiveness and driving up business performance.

The Healthcheck consists of a short online survey that takes individuals around 10 minutes to complete, and generates a summary of the effectiveness of communication in the workplace  –  crucially highlighting where leaders and teams have different perspectives on what is working well, and what isn’t. It gives insight into key areas such as:

  • Do team members trust the leaders in your organisation?
  • Are there unresolved conflicts that are getting in the way of working effectively?
  • Do people find your leaders are willing to hear tough messages as well as the positive stuff?

…and many more. Click on the links to see examples from the Employee Survey and the Manager Survey.

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