The Stretch Zone: Real Conversations & Real Confidence

By Glenn Widelko

The Stretch Zone

By Glenn Widelko >>

Recently I had the pleasure of bumping into Heather Campbell, a colleague from years past whose company, CommsMasters, specialises in developing capability in having great conversations.

In our conversation about conversations we reflected that, while there are all sorts of conversations to have content-wise, there is really only one conversation to have process-wise – and that is the real conversation.

Unlike easy conversations, real conversations take us outside our comfort zones into the unfamiliar territory of our stretch zone – and under pressure it takes real confidence to have real conversations – not so easy!!

So long as organisations indulge in a culture of easy conversations, avoiding the real issues, nothing of substance really happens – undermining relationships, teams and achievement in the process. Sustainable success is about a culture of authentic confidence to have those real conversations that really matter most.

Reflecting back on the conversations you have had – personally and professionally – over the past week, to what extent do these conversations reflect ‘easy’ conversations or ‘real’ conversations?

Based on 15 years coaching seasoned leaders, The Stretch Zone is about unlocking potential with authentic confidence – when it really matters! Anyone can be confident in their comfort zone, yet it seldom matters. When it matters, the pressure is on – and it is not so easy to be at our confident best under the pressure of our stretch zone. Everyone has a stretch zone and confidence is a challenge for everyone who has the courage to step outside their comfort zone. See for more info.

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