When Our Egos Get the Better of Us

By Heather Campbell

Cameron&Bloomberg-004By Heather Campbell >>

As is apparent from David Cameron’s indiscreet boasts to Michael Bloomberg, even Prime Ministers need to show off from time to time.

“Look at me, I can balance on one leg… look at me, I’ve got a bigger (salary) package than you… look at me, I can make the Queen of England purr…”

Look at me, look at me, look at me… notice me, notice me, notice me… admire me, admire me, admire me…

It’s all about satisfying our delicate egos of course.

Delicate or not, our ego drives powerful experiences for each of us.

  • When someone actually or potentially insults us, it gets hurt.
  • When someone fails to acknowledge something we have done that we think they should notice, it gets upset.
  • When someone gives us a well-deserved ‘well done’, it feels pleased and yet responds with embarrassment.

Managing our ego is a sign of maturity and self-control, and essential if we are to communicate well in any walk of life.

A well-managed ego allows us:

  • To forgive the insult
  • To feel happy in our own achievements without need for external acknowledge
  • To accept and appreciate recognition from others

I know this in theory, but applying it in reality is far more difficult – my ego gets in the way.

But one thing I can be sure of, when my ego takes over, my ability to engage well with others will fall short in one way or another.

Unfortunately for David Cameron, his ego-driven boast made him look a fool – and no doubt irritated the British monarch more than a little as well.

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